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                                   Marysville Chess Club's July Blitz Tournament


                        Date:        Saturday July 13, 2024


                 Location:         1528 Adena Pointe Drive, Marysville, OH 43040

          Time Control:        G/5 d0

 Register/Entry Fee:       Advanced Registration Only!  No On-Site Registration.$22.00 via Online                                                  or Zelle to 614-330-4573 or in person to Roy Dotson.        

             Prize Fund:        $200 based on 20 Entrants. Winners must collect their winnings at the conclusion of                                          the event, Otherwise, the money forfeits to the Marysville Chess Club.

                   Rounds:         Swiss System, 12 Rounds

                 Schedule:        Rd1=10am. Short breaks after each round. After round six, we can take a lunch or                                               continue playing the next six rounds.

 Event Available To:        This event is open to everyone.

 USCF Membership:       All Participants must be current USCF Members


Section Limitations:        We reserve the right to put you in the appropriate section

             4   Sections:        Open,  U1700,  U1400,  U1100    (Planned, subject to change as needed)


              Equipment:        Tournament equipment is provided  (You may want your own personal equipment                                               for review between rounds)

Ratings to be Used:         July 2024 USCF published rating supplement

                      Byes:         No byes available.   (The TD may issue a bye if circumstances deem necessary.)                                                                                 

          Expectations:        All participants expected to play in all rounds.


          Registration:         Registration is now open through July 12 at 5pm

                 Contact:         Mobile: 614-330-4573 call or text.   Email:

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