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Ohio defeats Michigan in the 2023, chess club tournament.


These two clubs meet in Adrian, Michigan (the halfway point between Muskegon, MI and Marysville, OH) to play an annual non-rated club vs club tournament sometime in the month of March.


Steve Dumas - Founder of the Muskegon Chess Club thought of this long distance club vs club rivalry and reached out to the Marysville Chess Club in 2017 to see if we would be interested in participating. So we worked out all the logistics and had our first tournament March 10-11, 2018 and again March 30-31, 2019. We missed playing in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID.


This year the Marysville Chess Club assembled a team of seven players and the Muskegon Chess Club assemble a team of six.  We played three rounds on Saturday and three rounds on Sunday, March 18, 19.  Bruce Lindam and Roy Dotson from the Marysville team went undefeated in all five games.  Due to having seven players on our team, we had to give a bye to everyone except Howard Dixon.  


Click on the Photos Album tab to view more photos of this event!

Click on the link below to play through the games and see some commentary by the players.  We will add some more games once we figure out the notation.  Thank you, Howard Dixon for making the database!



Tournament Director/Organizer

Richard Vail (Marysville)


The 2023 Muskegon Chess Club Team

Club Founder Steve Dumas


Gale Anderson


Russ Albright


Dave Dewitt


Tom Bryant


Jim Jantz


The 2023 Marysville Chess Club Team

Founder Roy Dotson


Cofounder Frank Phillips


Bruce Lindman


Lance Notarmuzi


Mike Thomas


Tom Wolber


Howard Dixon


After the tournament, both teams met at Applebee's to celebrate the wonderful time we had at this event.  The Marysville Chess Club is very fortunate to have the Muskegon Chess Club as friends.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's event, we look forward to seeing you next year.

We will get the results engraved on the plaque and post it here.  Stay Tuned!


Posted Mar 20 2023


Hello, Everyone,

What battles we had in round 2 of our Frenemy tournament.  Mike Thomas was able to come back after his loss to Bruce Lindmen in round 1.  It was an epic game, Mike went down a piece but had such a wonderful position and active play that he was able to use tactics to put the nail in the coffin.  Franz Gruber had a wonderful performance that allowed him to exact revenge after his loss in round 1 to Tom Wolber.  Frank Phillips added another win vs Jakob Emmelhainz and Angela Rincon added another win against Kyle Flinn in a must-see game!  Athena Ferkins vs Howard Dixon was yet another draw, what a well matched set of Frenemies we have there!  Kevin managed to get a draw against Frenemy Ginny Sterling.  Ginny won their first game.  

You can view the action packed games with commentary from Howard Dixon by clicking the link below.  Thank you, Howard!!

Posted Mar 12 2023

Hello, Everyone, I would like to introduce our newest member,  Preston Hudson (photo below).  Preston lives in Marysville and enjoys playing chess.  Last night March 9,2023 was Preston's first club appearance.  Preston played many different opponents for several hours.  Yeah, I would say he is hooked.  Thanks for joining us, Preston!

Preton Hudson.jpg
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