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Club News

Hello, Everyone, we had our annual chess cookout yesterday (25 May 2024). It was a great success! Thank you all for bringing deserts and more to help make this a fattening experience ha ha. I want to give a shout out to Rob Lapat and Lori Ritter for all of their behind the scenes help. They arranged getting the beautiful chess cake and they also brought many other foods that I know took a lot of their time to prepare and bring to the cookout. Thank you both. See the awesome cake below. Chuck Diebert and Howard Dixon did our annual game presentation and I (Roy Dotson) was the grill man. I want to also send a super shout out to my girlfriend Erika, as she supported me and this event with enthusiasm. Thank you to Lance and Krista for the help cleaning up! You may view our photos album's tab to view all the photos from this event.

Rob LaPat and Lori Ritter

Thanks for your help.JPG

Chess Cake


The Handsome Duo, Chuck & Howard 


Lance & Krista


Grill Man Roy Dotson

On the Grill.JPG

     Roy Dotson with Girlfriend Erika Stevens

Thanks Baby.JPG

                                   Hello, Everyone, we continue to have a strong turnout as we did last night (.23 May 2024) see photos.


Hello, Everyone, we welcomed a new member to the club last night (2 May 2024) named Willy. We played a couple of games-- be careful if you play against Willy, he is a great player. Willy said he would definitely be back. Welcome to the club Willy. We also had some members show up last night that have been absent for a while, welcome back Jacob, Jeremy and Jose. It was good to see all of you.









                                                                             2024 Spring Classic Standings

                               Hello, Everyone, We played our tournament at my house this year and it turned out to be quite a success!

                                                                                      Open Section

                                      Master Chuck Diebert shared first place with Daryl Skinner. Congratulations Chuck and Daryl!!

Chuck Diebert Receiving Prize Fund

Chucks Payout.jpg

Darly Skinner Receiving Prize Fund

Daryl's Payout_edited.jpg


Johnson Denem took sole first place by winning all three of his games. Congratulations Johnson!!!

Johnson Denen Receiving Prize Fund

Johnson's Payout_edited.png


Greg Cook shared first place with his son Noah Cook by winning all three of their games. Congratulations Greg and Noah!!!

Greg Cook Receiving Prize Fund

Greg Cook's Pay.jpg

Noah Cook Receiving Prize Fund

Noah Cook's Pay.jpg

Look at our photos album tab under the classic and blitz album to view the photos from this 2024 Spring Classic.

Blitzness King Howard Dixon

Hello, Everyone,

We had a great time playing the Mid-March Blitzness tournament today (16 March). Howard Dixon took the crown by winning clear first place with 10 points!! Jose Abutal and David Antonucci tied for 2nd place at 9.5 points, Trevor Van fossen and Jimmy Peace tied for 4th place with 9 points, Kevin Wade and Carlos Vasquez tied for 6th place. Congratulations everyone! What a great time! See more photos by clicking the photos album tab and clicking on the Mid-March Blitzness album.

King Howard.jpg
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