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Hello, Everyone,

Dave Antonucci - Co-Founder of the Columbus Chess Club stopped by for a visit. Dave Antonucci is just shy of a 2000 USCF rating so when he talks, everyone listens, giggle giggle. Thanks for stopping by Dave!

Dave Antonucci.jpg

Dave Antonucci

Hello, Everyone,

I am proud to say that my stepdaughter (Haylee) and her boyfriend (Jacob) came to visit my wife and I from Jacksonville, Florida. During their stay they came to club and played a couple of games. Jacob won the first game and Haylee won the second game. They left it at a tie and called it a night. 





Hello, Everyone,

We had over 30 members in attendance last night 'July 27 2023'. Thank you all for attending the Marysville Chess Club. See our photos albums tab for more pictures.


Hello, Everyone,

The Marysville Chess Club hosted our first annual Summer Breeze Tournament on the 15th of July 2023. We sure had a lot of fun. Thank you all for participating.


Open Section: NM Chuck Diebert, won sole first place! See photo 1.

U1700: Peter Galupo, photo 2,  Gabriel Eberhard, photo 3 and Trevor Von Fossen, photo 4, tied for first place!

U1400:  James Alva Peace, won sole first place! See photo 5.

U1100: Charles Van Pelt, won sole first place! See photo 6.

Congratulations to the winners. We all know what an accomplishment it is. Great Job!

Congratulations to Howard Dixon, this was his first time Tournament Directing! Thank you for the help Howard.

Nation Master Chuck Diebert, gave us a copy of his games. You may view them at this link:


See our photos album tab for more pictures of this event.

Photo 1

Chuck Open 1.jpg

Photo 2

Peter .jpg

Photo 5


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 6


Jose Abutal

Hello, Everyone,

What a great time we had last night at chess club. Jose Abutal (see photo) was on fire. Ok ok we didn't have to call the fire department but we needed medics after the beatings Jose dished out during some speed chess battles. Nice job Jose! 

Posted June 30 2023

Nathaniel Fitch.jpg

Hello, Everyone,

We would like to welcome a new club member, Nathaniel Fitch. Nate has been a member for about a month now. Nate plans on playing in our Summer Breeze tournament in July.


Good luck and welcome to the club Nate! 


Hello, Everyone,

We would like to welcome a new club member, Matt Byerly. Matt has been a member for several months. Matt played in our April Invitational tournament. 

Welcome to the club Matt!!

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