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Website Updated July 13, 2024

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Marysville Chess Club's website.  Feel free to browse the site and check us out.  Club membership is free so come join us for some games!!

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Posted June 22, 2024

In the photo is club member, Trevor Von Fossin. Trevor has been a member of the Marysville Chess Club for a couple of years. He frequently attends the Delaware Chess Club and is an active tournament player. Trevor was one point away from winning our last blitz tournament held in March 2024. Trevor learned how the pieces moved and did not think much of it until he played and lost to a friend of his named Gabe. This helped Trevor to realize that there is a great depth to the game. It was not until much later (when he found chess puzzles) that Trevor’s love of the game ignited. Lasker is Trevor’s favorite player, but his local hero is Howard Dixon. Trevor said that if he got the story straight, Howard got good from puzzles on his trucking adventures and puzzles are a part of what got him into chess! Trevor keeps getting better and better at chess. His tactical vision is amazing. Be careful when you play Trevor, always look out for a great move from Trevor to ruin your attack. When asked what he liked about the Marysville Chess Club, Trevor said, the people, of course the people and added that he could not see the light draining out of Bruce or Roy’s eyes while playing online!

Funny Trevor, very funny!

Thank you for your membership, Trevor, it is a pleasure having you!

Roy Dotson, Founder Marysville Chess Club.

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