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Updated October  6, 2022

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Marysville Chess Club's website.  Feel free to browse the site and check us out.  Club membership is free so come on out and play some games!!

Howard's GQ Photo.JPG

In the photo, is Howard Dixon.  I met Howard back when the Marysville Chess Club was meeting at Starbucks.  Little did I know, Howard would play at the Mean Bean with the Delaware Chess Club.  Howard would stop in on a Saturday, beat everyone and leave.  It was no different when he came to the Marysville Chess Club at Starbucks for the first time.  I could not help but like Howard.  He was nice, fun, and had such a wonderful attitude.  Maybe it was because he just beat everyone including me several times.  I stopped Howard before he got out the door (what was I thinking). I let him know that he was welcome to our club anytime and that I hoped to see him again soon.  Howard was very tactical, more so than all of us.  That motivated me to be a better tactical player.  Howard did come back to Starbucks…and we suffered more losses, but I gained a friend.  Howard is the most fun, loving and caring person I know.  Through the years, I have watched Howard coach novice players with gentle explanations and reason for their moves.  Howard moved away to Florida for a little while but would come back to play in our Invitational tournaments.  Howard missed us so much and we missed him enough that he moved back to Ohio.  Welcome back Howard!


Thank you for your membership, and for being my friend Howard!


Roy Dotson Founder Marysville Chess Club

Posted September 22 2022