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Website Updated May 30, 2023

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Marysville Chess Club's website.  Feel free to browse the site and check us out.  Club membership is free so come join us for some games!!

Wade's GQ.jpg

In the photo is club member, Kevin Wade. Kevin has been a member for just over three years.  Kevin is certainly an active member, he participates in our spring and fall tournaments, (where he has won first place in his section), he participates in our Tuesday chess class, our annual chess cookouts and recently completed our first Frenemy tournament. In the Frenemy tournament, a chosen six players were asked who they would like to have as an opponent and then we arranged for them to play four G/90 rounds, one game a month for four months. You will have to ask Kevin how he did and who he was matched with. Kevin is very kind on and off the board, on the board he lets his opponents take back moves off the board he donates to the club and his church.

Thank you for your membership, Kevin.

Roy Dotson, Founder Marysville Chess Club

Posted May 22, 2023

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