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Website Updated December 1, 2023

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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Marysville Chess Club's website.  Feel free to browse the site and check us out.  Club membership is free so come join us for some games!!

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In the photo is club member, Athena Farrah Kaughszleigh. Athena has been a member of the Marysville Chess Club for two years.  Athena has been very active during her two years, she has attended our Memorial Chess Cookouts in the spring, she has attended our spring and fall tournaments, she has participated in our Christmas Simul, she played in our very first Frenemy tournament and she has been on our club team that travels to Michigan for a club rivalry against the Muskegon, MI Chess Club. Athena is also the Vice President of the Mulligan Chess Club held at Tuttle Mall. Athena supports Joe Swindler (President) in the operations of the Mulligan Chess Club. Athena is a class B player and a great coach. I have seen her on many occasions teaching members of the Marysville Chess Club. She certainly knows chess and openings. Athena likes to bring in news puzzles for us to solve and instruct us in opening theory. It is a great pleasure to have Athena in the club.

Thank you, Athena for all that you do to support the Marysville Chess Club and for sharing your knowledge with anyone willing to learn!

Roy Dotson, Founder Marysville Chess Club

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Posted November 22, 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!

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