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Website Updated April 12, 2024

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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Marysville Chess Club's website.  Feel free to browse the site and check us out.  Club membership is free so come join us for some games!!

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In the photo is Matt Byerly.  Matt has been a member of the Marysville Chess Club for over a year. Matt learned how to play chess from a friend back when he was in elementary school. Like so many people, Matt got away from chess for a while. Matt thought it would be a good idea to play some of his students “seventh and eighth graders” chess and teach those who were unfamiliar. To his surprise, his students destroyed him. Matt knew he had to improve fast if he wanted to have chess in his classroom. Matt started attending the Marysville Chess Club and has been actively playing and learning for over a year. He has participated in our Fall Classic tournament and our annual Frenemy tournament. Matt said that attending the Marysville Chess Club is a great way to relieve stress. Matt has such a positive attitude toward chess and all of the members of the chess club; he especially enjoys playing against Frank Phillips. Matt played against Frank in our last Frenemy tournament. Be sure to ask Matt for a game if you see him at club.

Thank you for your membership, Matt and for all you do to spread chess to your students

Don't forget to check out our chess tips under the 'Club News' tab.

Posted February 22, 2024

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