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Hello Everyone,

Below is a list of our chess library. 


Active members may check these books out for 30 days, after which you must renew the checkout or return the book.

To check out a book simply email your request to and if the book is available, I will bring it to our Thursday club meet.

Chess books with the initials BB or FC at the end of the title for internal club use.


Gary Kasporov My Great Predecessors   Book 1 = Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine

Gary Kasporov My Great Predecessors   Book 2 = Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal

Gary Kasporov My Great Predecessors   Book 3 = Petrosian, Spassky

Gary Kasporov My Great Predecessors   Book 4 = Fischer

Gary Kasporov My Great Predecessors   Book 5 = Korchnoi, Karpov

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course by Jeremy Silman

How To Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition by Jeremy Silman

The Blackmar Diemer Gambit – Key book 2

Nunn’s Chess Openings

Playing 1.d4-The Queen’s Gambit by Lars Schandorrf

A Strategic Chess Opening for White by John Watson

1…d6 move by move by Cyrus Lakdawala

The English Opening 1 by Mihail Marin

The English Opening 2 by Mihail Marin

The English Opening 3 by Mihail Marin

Expert vs the Sicilian Jacob Aagaard & John Shaw

Chess Openings for Dummies

Modern Chess Openings 14th Edition Nick de Firmian

The Full English Opening by Carsten Hansen

A Cunning Chess Opening for Black by Sergey Kasparov

Winning Chess Tactics by Seirawan/Silman

The Chess Companion by Chernev

Bobby Fischer my 60 memorable games

Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953 by Bronstein

Find The Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov by Anatoly Karpov and Anatoly Matsukevich

The History of Chess in Fifty Moves

Winning Chess Opening by Yasser Seirawan

Winning Chess Stragegies by Yassir Seirawan

The Self Improvement of Chess by Mark Borders a Marysville Chess Club Member

Starting Out Queen’s Gambit Accepted by A. Raetsky & M. Chetverik

Blackmar Diemer Key book 2 by Rev Tim Sawer

The Amateur’s Mind by Jeremy Silman

The Philidor Files by Christian Bauer

Learn from Bobby Fischer’s Greatest Games by Eric Schiller

Dealing with d4 Deviations by John Cox

US Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess 7th Edition by Tim Just

Starting Out Queen’s Gambit Declined by Neil McDonald

Complete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman

Essential Chess Endings for Advanced Players by IM John Donaldson

Play Like a Grandmaster by Kotov

The Art of The Endgame by Jan Timman

Capablanca’s Best Chess Endings by Chernev

Endgame Virtuoso by Smyslov

Alexander Alekhine by Kotov

The 10 Most Common Chess Mistakes and how to avoid them by Larry Evans

Unorthodox Openings by Benjamin, Schiller

How to Play the English Opening by Povah

Basic Endgame Strategy queens& rooks by Robertie

Blackmar Diemer Gambit by Gary Lane

The Modern Philidor Defense by Vladimir Barsky

The Closed Openings in Action by Karpov

Test your Chess with Daniel King

Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player by Palatnik & Alburt

A black Defensive System with 1..d6 by GM Andrew Soltis

Secrets of Grandmaster Play by Nunn/Grffiths

Sicilian Najdorf Polugaevsky Variation by Jimmy Adams

Bobby Fischer Goes to War by Divid Edmonds and John Eidinow

Lasker’s Manual of Chess by Lasker

Treasure Chess by Bruce Pandofini

The Ideas Behind The Chess Openings by Rueben Fine

New in Chess - Chess Opening Essentials Volume 1: The Complete 1.e4

New in Chess - Chess Opening Essentials Volume 2: 1.d4 d5 / 1.d4 various/Queen's Gambits

New in Chess - Chess Opening Essentials Volume 3: Indian Defenses, Complete

New in Chess - Chess Opening Essentials Volume 4: 1.c4/Nf3/ Other First Moves

My System 21st Century Edition by Aron Nimzowitsch

The Ideas Behind The Chess Openings by Reuben Fine

How Not to Play Chess by Eugene A. Znosko-Borovsky

Chess Problem Gems by Eight Eminent American Composers by Kenneth S. Howard

The Sinquefield Cup - Celebrating Five Years 2013 - 2017

Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual by Mark Dvoretsky

Coaching Kasporov, Year by Year and Move by Move Volume 1 by Alexander Nikitin

Coaching Kasporov, Year by Year and Move by Move Volume 2 by Alexander Nikitin

The main Line King’s Indian by John Nunn & Graham Burgess

The Complete King’s Indian by Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs FC

Chess books with the initials BB at the end of the title is for the skinny books I have behind the ones on the shelf. Books with the initials FC at the end of the title indicates books that have a Fabricated Cover.

King's Indian Books:

The main Line King’s Indian by John Nunn & Graham Burgess

The Complete King’s Indian by Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs FC

The King’s Indian by David Levy, Kevin O'Connell, & David Watt

King’s Indian Defense Yugoslav Variation 6…c5 by GM Andrew Soltis - Chess Digest Inc.

Winning With The King’s Indian by Andrew Martin

Secrets Of The King’s Indian by Eduard Gufeld & Eric Schiller

The Ultimate King’s Indian Attack by Angus Dunnington

How To Play The King’s Indian Attack by Schiller

The Unconventional King’s Indian by Watson

King’s Indian Defense – Saemisch Variation by M. Tirabassi, G. Falchetta, & S. Curtacci

King’s Indian Defence – Averbakh Variation by Margeir Petursson

King’s Indian Defence 6…Nc6 Saemisch Variation by John Watson BB

King’s Indian Defence by A. Vetkov BB

Trends – King’s Indian Attack by GM David Norwood Series Editor: IM Andrew Martin BB

Trends – In the King’s Indian – Saemisch Vol 2 by IM Andrew Martin BB

Trends in the King’s Indian with g3 Volume 2 – Mortazavi & Hennigan BB

Classic King’s Indian E97 by FIDE Chess Encyclopedia BB

King’s Indian Attack by Norman Weinstein BB

King’s Indian Defence – 4 Pawns Attack by M. Thomas BB

KID Bayonet Attack by IM John Donaldson BB

Sicilian Books:

Sicilian Defence 1 – Kan Variation by Anatoly Karpov & William Hartston FC

The Ragozin Complex a guide for White & Black by Vladimir Barsky

The Aggressive Nimzowtsch Sicilian by Schiller FC

Winning With The Najdorf by Daniel King FC

Velimirovic Attack Sozin Sicilian by T. D. Harding & R. G. Wade FC

Encyclopaedia Modern Chess Opening – Sicilian Defence

Starting Out: Closed Sicilian by Richard Palliser EVERYMAN Chess

Starting Out: Sicilian Najdorf by Richard Palliser EVERYMAN Chess

Starting Out: Sicilian Scheveningen by Craig Prithcett EVERYMAN Chess

How to Play The Fischer Attack in the Najdorf Sicilian by Ali Mortazavi & NM Eric Schiller

The Complete Dragon by Eduard Gufeld & Oleg Stetsko

The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon by Peter Heine Nielsen & Carsten Hansen

The Aggressive NimZowitsch Sicilian by Eric Schiller

The Dragon by Henley & Hodges

The Sicilian by Edwards

The Sveshnikov Sicilian by Mikhail Krasenkov

The Sicilian Defence by Gligoric & Sokolov

The Sicilian Dragon – Yugoslav Attack by Schiller & Goldman

The Sicilian Dragon – Yugoslav Attack 2 by Schiller

The Classical Dragon by Silman & Donaldson

Sicilian Defence 11 Lines with c3 by M. Fuller & L.M. Pickett

The Sicilian Defense: The Last Decade by Minev

Najdorf Variation by Geller, Fligoric, Kavalek, and Spassky

Trends In The Sicilian Kalashnikov by GM Bogdan Lalic BB

Trends In The Sicilian Najdorf VOL. 3 by GM Bogdan Lalic BB

Trends – Sicilian Richter – Rauzer by GM James Plaskett BB

Trends Scheveningen with 0-0-0 by GM Daniel King BB

Trends in the Scheveningen by Neil Mc Donald BB

Trends – Sicilian Taimanov by IM Chris Ward BB

Trends In The Sicilian Scheveningen VOL. 2 by IM Graeme Buckley BB

Trends f4 Sicilian by GM Julian Hodgson BB

Trends Sicilian Sozin by GM Jim Plaskett BB

Sicilian 3: Unusual Second Moves for Black by R. D. Keene & L. S. F. Blackstock BB

Sicilian Defence – Richter-Rauzer Variation by Tony Dempsey BB

Sicilian Defense – Winning Gambits by Thomas Kapitaniak BB

The Najdorf Sicilian Poisoned Pawn Variation by T. D. Harding & R. G. Wade BB

Sicilian Richter Rauzer FIDEChess Encyclopedia B64-65 BB

The Sicilian Wing Gambit No2 by John F.Hurt BB

Sicilian Modern Richter-Rauzer Systems by Eric Schiller BB

Najdorf Variation 6. B-KN5 BB

Developments in the Sicilian: Sveshnikov 1985-88 by Joe Gallagher BB

Developments In The Sicilian Najdorf 1985-87 by Tony Hosking & Bob Wade BB

Trend In The Anti-Sicilian by Julian Hodgson BB

Variation 2 P-KB4 Vs. The Sicilian by Anthony E. Santasiere BB

Endgame Books:

Comprehensive Chess Endings Bishop & Knight Endings by Y. Averbakh & V. Checkover

Starting Out: minor piece endgames by John Emms

Starting Out: pawn endgames by Glenn Flear

Starting Out: rook endgames by Chris Ward

100 Endgames You Must Know by Jesus de la Villa

Exploring The Endgame by Peter Griffiths

The Endings in modern theory and practice by P.C. Griffiths

Knight Endings by Yuri Averbakh & Vitaly Checkover

Analysing the Endgame by Jonathan Speelman

Winning Endgame Technique by Alexander Beliavsky & Adrian Mikhalchishin

Endgame Secrets How to pan in the endgame in chess by Christopher Lutz

Endgame Magic by John Beasley & Timothy Whitworth

Endgame Preperation by John Speelman

How to Play Chess Endings by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

Practical Chess Endings by Irning Chernev

Pandolfini"s Endgame Course by Bruce Pandolfini

A Guide To Chess Endings by Dr. Max Euwe & David Hooper

200 Brilliant Engames by Irning Chernov

Endgame Artillery Queen and Rook Endings by Dr. Alex Angos

A Thousand Chess Endings Vol. 1 by Frank Brady

A Thousand Chess Endings Vol. 2 by Frank Brady

Strategic Themes In Endgames by GM Edmar Mednis

Practical Endgame Lessons by IM Edmar Mednis

Chess Endings Essential Knowledge by Y. Averbakh

Spanish or Ruy Lopez:

The Closed Ruy Lopez by R.G. Wade, L. S. Blackstock & P. J. Booth

Spanish (Ruy Lopez) Open by Kevin O'Connell

Spanish (Ruy Lopez) Chigorin by Anatoly Bikhovsky

The Ruy Lopez for the Tournament Player by Gary Lane

Ruy Lopez Arkhangelsk System by F.M. Jerzy Konikowski

The Spanish Inquisition by Eric Schiller

The Open Spanish by Mikhail Krasenkov


Carro - Kann Exchange Variation B13 by Massimo Luccioni

Caro-Kann: Clasical 4...Bf5 by Garry Kasporov & Aleksandr Shakarov

The Caro-Kann Defense by GM Jon Speelman

Caro - Kann Defence by Alexei Suetin

The Dynamic Caro-Kann The Bronstein Larsen by IM Jeremy Silman

Understanding the Caro-Kann Defence by R. Keene, A. Soltis, E. Mednis. J. Peters & J. Kaplan


Grandmaster Chess Strategy by Jurgen Kaufeld & Guido Kern

Winning chess Combinations by Yasser Seirawan

Winning with Reverse Chess Strategy by William Reuter

Starting Out: chess tactics and checkmates by Chris Ward

The Art Of The Checkmate by Georges Renaud & Victor Kahn

Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player by GM Lev AlburtTactics & Strategy by Graham Burgess

Simple Checkmates by A. J. Gillam

Mastering Tactical Ideas by IM Nikolay Minev

200 Demanding Chess Puzzles by Martin Greif

200 Intriguing Chess Puzzles by Matin Greif

200 Challenging Chess Puzzles by Matin Greif

200 Perplexing Chess Puzzles by Martin Greif

The Joy Of Mate by Robert Brieget

Chesss Tactics For Advanced Players by Yuri Averbakh

Opening & Openings

Starting Out: alekhine's defence by John Cox

Starting Out: the queen's indian by John Emms

Starting Out attacking play by James Plaskett

Starting Out: by John Shaw

Nimzo-Indian Capablanca Variation E32-E39 by S1 Editrice

1.d4-Beat The Guerrillas! A powerful repertoire Against Annoying Black Sidelines by Valeri Bronznik

attacking with 1 e4 by John Emms

Nimzo-Larsen attack by Byron Jacobs & Jonathan Tait

The Trompowsky by Joe Gallagher

The Benko Gambit by Byron Jacobs & Andrew Kinsman

The Scandinavian by John Emms

Hypermodern Strategy by Jan Van Reek

The Belgrade Gambit by NM Bruce Monson

Starting Out: queen's gambit accepted by A. Raetsky & M. Chetverik

Starting Out: 1 d4! by John Cox

Starting Out: 1 e4! by Neil Mcdonald

the Chameleon Chess Repertoire by GM Eduard Gufeld & Oleg Stetsko

Chess Openings for Black, Explained by GM Lev Alburt, GM Roman DZindZichashvili IM Eugene Perelshteyn

New Ideas in the Pirc by John Nunn

The Evans Gambit Revolution by Richard Moody

Evans Gambit Games by Mark Ishee

Discovering Chess Openings by John Emms

Colle System Zukertort Variation 5 b3 byAndrew Soltis

Colle Sytem Koltanowski Variation 5 c3 by Andrew Soltis

The Benko Gambit by Neil McDonald

Complete Defense To King Pawn Openings by Eric Schiller

Winning With The Benko Gambit by Ken Smith & John Hal

White Opening System Combining Stonewall Attack, Collen & Torre Attack by Andrew Soltis

The Budapest for the Tournament Player by Mikhail Tseitlin & Igor glaskov

Scandinavian Defense Prtuguese Variation by John Roush, Mark Lance & Mike Cornell

Smith-Morra Declined by Ken Smith & Bill Wall

Alekhine's Anti-Gruenfeld Attack by Alan L. Watson

Max Lange Attack and the Anti-Max Lange by Ken Smith & John Hall

The Slav Defence by Mark Taimanov

The Anti-Indian Trompowski"s Attack by Allan Savage

The Schliemann Defense Volume 2 Classical Variation by Leonid Shamkovich & Eric Schiller

Franco-Benoni Defense by GM Andrew Soltis

The Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson

The New Bogo -Indian by Shaun Taulbut

Taimanov And Knights Tour Benoni by John L. Watson

play the Bogo-Indian by S. Taulbut

Grand Prix Attack: f4 against the Sicilian by Julian Hodgson & Lawrence Day

Panov Attack Volume 3 the attach with 5...g6 by Eric Schiller

The Pirc for the Tournament Player by John Nunn

Winning unorthodox openings by Angus Dunnington

Pirc Defence by G. Friedstein

Pirc-Ufimzew-Verteidigung by G. Friedstein

Meran Defense by John Donaldson

The Guide to the Torre Attack by Grham Burgess

Understanding the Queen's Indian Defense by Andy Soltis, Edmar Mednis, Raymond Keene & Grefe

How To Play Good Opening Moves by Edmar Mednis

The Papa Gambit VS. The French Defense by NM Mike Papa Jr.

The French advance by Sam Collins

French Winawer: Modern and Auxiliary Lines by John Moles & Kevin Wicker

Winning With The French by Wolfgang Uhlmann

The Fighting French by IM Andrew Soltis


Kramnik my life and games by Vladimir Kramnik & Iakov Damsky

Carlsen VS. Karjakin World Chess Championship New York 2016 by Lev Albut & Jon Crumiller

Best Games Of The Young Grandmasters by Craig Pritchett & Danny Kopec

How I Became Grandmaster At Age 14 by Alexandra Kosteniuk

Judith Polgar The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi

Bobby Fischer by Lou Hays

Bobby Fischer Profile of a Prodigy by Frank Brady

Booby Fischer Goes To War by David Edmonds & John Eidinow

The Games of Anatoly Karpov by KevinJ. O'Connell & Jimmy Adams

Karpov on Karpov by Anatoly Karpov

My Best Games by Anatoly Karpov

The Immortal Games Of Capablanca

Paul Keres Best Games by Egon Varnusz

Grandmaster Of Chess The Later Years Of Paul Keres by Herbert Jenkins

Paul Keres: The Quest for Perfection by Paul Keres & John Nunn


Positional Chess by Shaun Taulbut

Elements of Positional Evaluation by Dan Heisman Revised Edition

Test Your Positional Play by Robert Bellin & Pietro Ponzetto

Elements of Positional Evaluation by Dan Heisman

The Psychology of Chess by W.R.Hartston & P.CWason

The Psychology Of The Chess Player by Reubin Fine

Winning With Chess Psychology by Pal Benko & Burt Hochberg


Secrets Of The Russian Chess Master Fundamentals Of The Game by Lev Alburt & Larry Parr vol.1

Secrets Of The Russian Chess Master Beyond The Basics by Lev Alburt & Larry Parr vol 2

Tips for young players by Matthew Sadler

The Chess Artist Genius. Obsession, And The World's Oldest Game by J.C. Hallman

Behind Deep Blue Building The Computer That Defeated The World Chess Champion by Feng-Hsiung Hsu

Excelling At Chess by Jacob Aagaard

Chess for Tiger by Simon Webb

Modern Postal Masterpieces by NM Alex Dunne

The Search for Chess Perfection The Life, Games, and Writing of C,J.S. Purdy

Imagination in Chess by Paata Gaprindashvili

attack and Defence by Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov

The King in Jeopardy by GM Lev Alburt & GM Sam Palatnik

Bishop v Knight the verdict by Steve Mayer

107 Great Chess Battles 1939-1945 Alexander Alekhine translated by Edward Winter

Take My Rooks by GM Yasser Seirawan & IM Nikolay Minev

Winning Moves 2 by GM Raymond Keene

The Art Of Defence in Chess by Lyev Polugayevsky & Iakov Damsky

The Final countdown by Willen Hajenius & Herman Van Riemsdijk

The Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Time by John Emms

Mastering the Bishop Pair by IM Jaroslav Srokovsky, GM Ekaterina Borulia & Wit Braslawski

Scotland's Chess Centenary Book by C.W.Pritchett & M.D.Thornton

Chess Self-Teacher by Horowitz

Win At Chess by Fred Reinfeld

The Tao of Chess by Peter Kurzdorfer

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